New ‘Tumble’ Mini Game Available On Consoles

New ‘Tumble’ Mini-Game Is The Console Version Of PC Fan-Favorite ‘Spleef’

“Spleef” has been a smash-hit (slight pun intended) in the PC Minecraft world for years. And now, Mojang has infused that incredible community-created game into Minecraft’s console edition as their second official mini-game, called Tumble.

Like Spleef before it, the goal in Tumble is to break blocks out from underneath other players and drop them to the ground (or water, or lava, or pack of brain-starved zombies) below. The last person standing up top (or the last person still alive) wins.

Tumble has two different versions. In one version, players are armed with snowballs, and in the other, they get to swing shovels around.

But unlike Spleef, which needs to be reset by players after each round, Tumble is streamlined into the game itself as a proper mini-game, with semi-randomized prefab maps that don’t require a manual reset, as well as the game keeping score for you on its own, just as we saw with the Battle mini-game.

Those of us who’ve played Spleef on the PC version can attest to the quasi-frustration of needing to reset the map after each round of play. It’s especially annoying when you’re playing in survival mode, and your Spleef arena is built over lava. It’s obvious Mojang knows how bad that can be; the fact that the map resets itself is a huge plus.

Speaking of Battle, guess what’s getting a new map pack? Yeah, I kinda gave that one away, didn’t I? I really need to get better at not handing out clues so easily.

Mojang also announced that Battle is getting a content pack with three new maps, named “The Colossal Castle,” “The Incredible Shipyard,” and “The Terrifying Invasion.” But unlike Tumble, these new battle maps are going to cost you money ($2.99 USD, to be precise). They’re available now in the stores on whichever console(s) you prefer.

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