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About Waywardcraft

Finding information about Minecraft mods can be challenging at times. You have to navigate a creeper-field of half-finished Wikis, official mod pages with little to no useful information, and YouTube videos made by people that spend twenty minutes showing load screens, forty minutes goofing around and showing you what they’ve built, and then five minutes or less actually discussing the content you came to see.

All of that can be summed up with one word: yuck.

After dealing with that for quite some time, we decided to do something about it: to create an informative website unlike any other, that is 100% devoted not just to Minecraft, but to its mods and the community as a whole.

Waywardcraft features news, guides/ tutorials for Minecraft and for individual mods, mod reviews/ previews, interviews with the Minecraft modding community, and a whole lot more. Our goal is to create the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things Minecraft; a site players can visit to find useful information, delivered in a professional, friendly voice that’s suitable for all ages.


Waywardcraft started out in 2013 as a Bukkit-powered Minecraft server created and hosted by the guild Wayward Star. Our goal was to built a large, economy-driven server with questing and PVP, and provide our few dozen players with a unique and exciting Minecraft experience.

One of Waywardcraft’s lead developers was and still is Mattrock607. In real life, Matt is a professional political analyst and writer, writing popular content for a number of famous news and political satire websites. In 2016, Matt decided to apply his skills as a writer to the world of Minecraft, and in August of that year, our Waywardcraft website transitioned into becoming what it is today.

Want To Join The Waywardcraft Team?

Waywardcraft.net is currently looking for talented Minecraft lovers to fill the following positions. If you’re interested in filling one, please contact us via Facebook or leave a comment below (don’t include personal information!). Please include three or more samples of your work wherever applicable (even if it’s not related to Minecraft).

Staff Writer

Staff writers are responsible for developing written content for Waywardcraft.net, and then helping spread word about that content. An ideal candidate would match the following criteria:

  • A gifted writer with a friendly, fun, professional voice
  • Writes in natural, fluent English and checks their own content for errors before submitting
  • Serious, dedicated Minecraft fan who follows Minecraft News, trends, and news regarding mods
  • Ability to work with a team, follow instructions, and handle constructive criticism; ability to have a story idea turned down and not get worked up over it
  • Has a Google AdSense account (or similar), or is willing to create one
  • 2+ years experience as a professional writer preferred, but not necessary
  • Experience using WordPress and Yoast SEO preferred, but not necessary
  • Ability to write a minimum of 1 article per week that exceeds 300 words. Ideal candidates would write 3 to 5 articles per week, or more. Articles should aim to range between 300 and 600 words, though exceeding these limits for guides and some reviews is okay
  • Willingness to play on our server as an op (when it goes live) ideal, but not necessary

Compensation: Staff writers are paid directly each month by Google AdSense (or whatever alternative service they prefer that doesn’t conflict with AdSense), based on their ad performance. Staff writers get to run two ads per article they write (the copy editor gets the third).

Copy Editor

Copy editors are responsible for editing and publishing content, as well as approving story ideas presented by staff writers. Copy editors should also develop content and fulfill all of the duties of a staff writer when possible.

Ideal candidates would match all of the staff writer’s criteria, plus the following:

  • 1+ years experience as an editor for a website a must (3+ years experience ideal)
  • 1+ years experience with WordPress and Yoast SEO a must
  • Has a finger on the pulse of trending news inside and outside of Minecraft, and has the ability to help determine if a story is worth publishing or needs work (copy editors make the final decision on what content gets published)
  • Ability to professionally and politely work with staff writers to help them develop their skills and improve their content

Compensation: Copy editors get one ad placed in every article they edit and publish. In articles they write, they get two ads. In articles they write and self-publish, they get all three ads.

YouTube Channel Director

While our website is focused primarily on written content, we would like to also create a YouTube channel that highlights, adds to, and promotes our written content. Videos would accompany pre-existing articles, summing them up and helping add detail to them. The channel could also feature let’s plays and other content at the Director’s discretion. We would also like this channel to occasionally create content focused on our server, including a high-quality trailer for the server, guides regarding the server itself (quest walkthroughs, progression guides, etc.), and occasional “commercials” for in-game player-owned shops and businesses.

Ideal candidates would match all of the following criteria:

  • Appreciates the goals of our website and is willing to create content that “gets to the point.” No goofing around, no load screens, no wasted time. We want viewers to get information, not irrelevancy.
  • Speaks fluent English and is clearly understandable
  • 2+ years experience in video editing, YouTube content creation, etc. a plus, but not necessary
  • Owns all of their own equipment, including a quality microphone and all relevant hardware/ software
  • A team player who is willing to work with our writing and editorial staff to create relevant content that suits the voice of our site

Compensation: The YouTube Channel Director will be encouraged to monetize the YouTube channel, and can keep any and all profits earned directly through it.

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