A Beginner’s Guide To Waywardcraft

Welcome to Waywardcraft!

Joining this server for the first time can seem pretty daunting, especially if you’re new to playing with mods or playing on an established server. So we figured we’d write up this handy little “quick start” guide to get you going as soon as you join the server. If you need any help, please ask on Discord or via in-game chat!

Spawning In

When you join Waywardcraft for the very first time, you’ll find yourself standing in the hostel in New Terra City (the coordinates are roughly x1150, z125). An NPC should be standing right near you. Talk to him, and pay close attention to his dialog. He’ll give you clues that will start you out on the game’s main quest chain, which will send you downtown to Saint Niko’s Hospital (x1380, y420). Feel free to use any bed and chest you find here, but keep in mind that these aren’t safe; other players can (and probably will) steal your things, so only use these chests temporarily and don’t store anything important in them!

Let’s head down to Saint Niko’s, shall we? First, exit the Hostel. To your left, you’ll see a mailbox. Go use it (right-click) and get your mail. You should have a few basic starter items — some money and food — to get you started.

From the mailbox, walk east to the big main intersection, then walk south until you see a big white skyscraper with green windows. Directly across the street from here to the North is the bank… you’ll want to remember where it is for later!). Now cross the street (watch out for cars!) and walk East until you find the hospital. It has a big “ER” sign over the driveway. You can enter the hospital there, or you could keep walking east until the next intersection and go in through the front door. You need to speak with the receptionist. From there, the rest of the questing is up to you.

Read Quests Carefully!

Quest givers should usually give you all of the information you need to complete a quest. If you need more info, click the quest log tab in your inventory.

Rarely, some quests will clear your inventory of items before you’re allowed to advance to a new area. A good example of this can be found at the military base in the southwest area of New Terra City. Questgivers will always warn you before clearing your inventory, so please be careful and pay attention to quest text. You will NOT be given stuff back that you lose this way… it’s up to you to put stuff someplace safe.


Where should you put your belongings before those inventory-clearing quests? You’ll find banks in New Terra City, Origin, and many other cities around the world. Banks allow you to exchange foreign currency, exchange denominations of the main global currency (turn five $1 bills into one $5 bill, for instance), and store your items safely. There are also Ender chests, which allow you to store stuff and access it later from someplace else. Across the street from the bank in NTC is the Mint, which deals with larger currencies, like $1000 bills, bank bonds worth $5k to $100k, and stacks of bullion, which are worth $1 million. I wouldn’t worry too much about that yet, though. You have a long way to go before becoming a millionaire.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the bank. You’ll be visiting this building often in the future to make deposits and withdrawals, so you’ll want to know how everything works. The bank is just north and across the street from that big white and green building we mentioned earlier.

Progression Unlocks

Now let’s talk about something super-important: progression unlocks.

If you had hopes of getting to a place where you can build and digging down to get diamonds as fast as possible… well, that’s not going to happen. On our server, we use a progression system which forces players to unlock various abilities, or “techs,” on a progression tree. That progression book you got earlier in the mail explains what these techs are, what techs you need to reach certain levels, and what each tech allows you to do. Take a moment to look at that now.

Most techs are obtainable by visiting the education district of New Terra City, which is directly north of the hospital by several blocks. This district is made up of several buildings, each containing trainers and vendors. Speak with these trainers to find how to unlock most techs. Some techs can only be unlocked by completing quests. Others you can purchase with either cash or antiquities (ancient coins, artifacts, relics, and sculptures). Antiquities can be found in dungeons and on some world bosses. Some quests also pay out antiquities, too.

At the start, we strongly recommend you get the Geology skill. It’s relatively cheap to purchase and allows you to mine coal, iron, and many other raw materials. For diamonds you’ll need the more expensive Deep Earth Mining tech. That one might take you a while.

Once you obtain a skill, hold the block you just received in your hand, and avoid aiming at anything in particular, then right-click. Voila! You’ve just learned your first tech! Congrats!

Ready For Departure?

If you already have friends playing on the server, you’ll want to tell them to come pick you up in New Terra City and take you to your new home. If not, you’ll want to pay another player to take you someplace that hasn’t been settled yet. Take some time to look over the Interactive Map. Find the exact coordinates of where you’d want someone with a ship or an airplane to take you, and try to pick somewhere near the coast so they can actually get you there. You should be prepared to pay someone to take you around. You’ve done some quests and earned some money though, right? If enough people are online, ask around and make pilots and sea captains compete to give you the best rate. You don’t want to gobble up all of your money just getting out of New Terra City. Rates might range between $50 and $250, so try and make sure you have enough money to make the trip worth someone’s efforts. Flying and sailing around such a huge world map takes time, effort, and fuel. Nothing is instant in Waywardcraft!

Be sure the area you’ve chosen to live in isn’t settled by another player, and isn’t a part of a nation. If you don’t see houses or other structures on the Interactive Map, it’s probably safe, but be sure to ask others if you aren’t 100% sure. Also, don’t try to settle land right next to someone’s property. If you’re closer than 1k blocks from them, ask them if it’s cool, or find someplace else to live.

If you and two or more friends are playing on the server together, you should definitely form an official nation. It’s not that complicated, and it comes with a bunch of cool perks!

Once you’ve found a place to call home, press the G key to open the in-game crafting guide. This handy tool will show you how to craft every single item in the game (there are literally thousands of new items you won’t find in vanilla Minecraft). Just press “set item,” type in the name of the thing you want to craft, and boom, recipe!

Have Fun!

That’s pretty much it! You should now be prepared to get started. There is of course a lot of stuff you’ll need to learn over time, especially with regards to using the 70+ mods we have on the server, but all of that will come in due time. Right now you know all of the important stuff. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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