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What Does Waywardcraft Have That Other Servers Don’t? A Lot, That’s What!

Waywardcraft is a Minecraft 1.12 server that is powered by a Technic mod pack featuring over 70 popular and custom mods. To list everything our server offers would take forever, so let’s just bring up a handful of examples, shall we?

A HUGE World To Explore!

Waywardcraft features a massive customized planet covered in ocean, unlike the lame Pangea you’ll find in vanilla Minecraft. Our world is littered with islands, archipelagos, and whole continents, all just waiting to be explored and settled. We also have other custom worlds for questing and for PVP as well!

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles! (And Ships!)

Getting around such a big world is pretty exhausting, and since this is a survival server, we don’t allow teleporting or warping. If you want to travel, you need to work for it. And to facilitate that, our server utilizes Flan’s Mod Minus, DaVinci’s vessels, and other mods (including exclusive content packs made in-house!).

Sail the high seas on a ship of your own design, or float through the clouds in an airship. Blow the whistle on a powerful locomotive as your pull freight and passengers over long stretches of rail. Hop in a car, truck, or bus and cruise the streets of New Terra City. Or fire up the engines on your airplane or helicopter and take the scenic route!

Tons of Quests And Dungeons And Lore!

Who are you? Where did you come from? Solve mysteries, fight legions of baddies, and save the world from dark, sinister forces in our unique quest chains and dungeons. More are added frequently! And if you have a knack for writing and game design, we might even let you make some quests yourself, too, and add to our already-expansive world lore! Quests & Dungeons are intended for mature audiences.

Loads Of New Weapons!

Fed up with the same old diamond swords? Waywardcraft adds dozens of new weapons, from daggers to battleaxes, magic spells to machine guns. We even have military-grade vehicles like fighter planes, tanks, and bombers!

Crops Galore!

Our modpack and server use Pam’s Harvestcraft to provide loads of new crops and foods to eat. And eat you will… you can’t just eat the same stack of baked potatoes for ages like you can on other servers. On Waywardcraft, you’ll need to diversify your diet and eat a variety of foods in order to stay alive.

… And Tons More!

To list everything this mod adds would take a very long time. The best way to find out is to join our server and see it all for yourself!



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