Server Laws (Rules)

Updated February 28th, 2017


These rules are set in stone and cannot be removed or overridden by the Global Senate. Admins/ ops can and will punish people who violate these rules. Punishments may include fines (in-game currency), temporary or lifetime jailing, temporary or lifetime bans, temporary kicks, and/ or plopping you into a pit of sharks and then dumping lava all over your grave marker.

1. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry are STRICTLY prohibited. We will jail or ban on someone’s first offense!

2. Absolutely NO griefing! Intentionally destroying property, killing quest givers or quest characters you aren’t on a quest for, spamming chat (in-game chat or Discord, with or without your mic), blocking entrances/ exits, walling people in or covering them up while they’re AFK, etc. is considered griefing. Admins/ ops have the final say in what constitutes griefing or mistakes/ accidents. This rule does NOT apply in the PVP world “Warzone.”

3. No Trolling Or Spamming. Harassing players, spamming in-game or Discord chat with nonsense, or generally being a jerk will not be tolerated. Admins can and will punish for trolling as they see fit.

4. Stealing and/ or trespassing are prohibited. Going into someone else’s home or onto their property without their permission, snooping through chests, taking items from them, and/ or mining into/ tunneling beneath homes/ property are not allowed. You can fly aircraft at an altitude of 255+ meters/ blocks without consequence; no one owns airspace higher than the world’s build limit. Otherwise, find a way around someone else’s property other than walking through without their expressed permission to do so.

5. Real-life religion and politics should not be discussed in public chats. These topics typically lead to arguments and are best avoided. If you want to discuss these topics, do it in a private chat. And if anyone (op or not) asks you to stop discussing the subject, you’re expected to drop it immediately or pick it up in private chat. You can /tell someone if you wish to whisper to them privately in-game.

6. No cheats or exploits. Mods like X-Ray and other cheats/ exploiters/ trainers are banned from this server. We log your commands and will find out if you’re using one of these mods. Likewise, you may not exploit the game or quests. This includes, but is not limited to, exploiting/ abusing bugs, loopholes, etc. in the game, albeit a vanilla feature or from a mod or related to questing. If you find a bug, please report it, and please don’t take advantage of it further.

7. Don’t interfere with roleplaying. If any player(s) are roleplaying, please don’t interfere unless you too are roleplaying (and we don’t mean by trolling them, either). Roleplaying is encouraged, but not mandatory. If you don’t want to roleplay you don’t have to, so long as you aren’t interrupting roleplayers or otherwise bugging them.

8. You MUST respect the laws of any nation you visit! When visiting any nation, you are expected to follow all of that nation’s rules, so long as they do not conflict with the rules listed here. If you aren’t willing to follow a nation’s rules, don’t visit them!


These laws were determined by the Global Senate, a government body consisting of delegates from every nation in the world, dating back as far as our vanilla Equinox server. These laws can be repealed or added to by the Global Senate as they see fit.

Exploitive Mob Farming Act (Origin Summit, March 2014): Players may not build machines/ contraptions that automatically gather experience and/ or raw materials from mob spawners. This includes devices that automatically kill naturally-spawning mobs such as zombies, skeletons, blazes, etc.

Military Limitations In Civilian Zones Act (NTC Summit, February 2017): Military vehicles with explosive ordinance (tanks with tank shells, planes with bombs, etc.) and weaponry with explosive or wide destructive capabilities (grenades, landmines, flamethrowers, bazookas, etc.) may not be used in or near New Terra City, Origin, the Outlands, or any nation’s capital (unless that nation approves of such acts themselves).

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