In Waywardcraft, a nation is… well… pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A collection of players living together within shared borders, working together toward common goals. On paper, it’s as simple as that.

Perks Of Having An Official Nation

Nations enjoy a number of benefits that other players (“Outlanders”) aren’t privy to. These benefits include:

  • Teamwork – Nations are meant to be groups of players working together toward common goals. Members of a nation are meant to contribute to the greater good… or greater evil, if that’s the sort of nation you want to be.
  • Global Senate Membership – Nations are each permitted to send one (1) delegate to the Global Senate, to propose and vote on server laws, server mechanics, mod additions, and other such important issues.
  • Bring in tourists and other visitors with questing! – Your capital city (ONLY your capital city) can have quests running through it, if you want it to (this isn’t mandatory or anything). This means questers will need to travel to your capital city to complete quests, spending money in your shops and seeing all the awesome stuff your nation has built together. Please note that we write quests when we have time and will not make it a high priority; we’ll do it eventually, but don’t expect quests to be written instantly. Also, quest designers will design and create those quests and how they’re developed is entirely up to them.
  • Private Discord Channels: Each officially-recognized nation will get a text channel and a voice channel in Discord, for use only by members of your nation.
  • Nifty In-Game Items: Nations will receive unique military outfits and vehicles, as well as a custom limousine done up with your nation’s flag and colors.

How To Establish An Official Nation

In order to be recognized as a nation, you’ll need to have three (3) players who have agreed to join you, a continent to claim, and a 3×3 (blocks) national flag. Here are some more details regarding all of that:

  • Population: Your nation must have a minimum of 3 players to be recognized as a nation.
  • Claim Your Continent: Your nation must claim a continent or large island that is unclaimed by another nation. Players aren’t supposed to build outside their own nations, so if you claim a territory and someone else has built there, they can either join your nation or lose whatever they built (which you can use however you see fit). It’s not your fault they didn’t read the rules!
  • Flag/ Colors: Your nation must have a 3×3 flag with a unique color scheme and pattern using in-game colored wool. It has to be 3×3 so we can create your nation’s custom outfits, vehicles, etc. It’s also easier to stick your flag up in-game using wool if it’s only 3×3. You can create more elaborate flags for banners, but these will be your new country’s official colors.

Not Required, But Nice To Have

  • Demonym: What are your people called? For instance, the citizens of Sireva are called “Sirevans.”
  • Government: What sort of government will lead your people? Will it be a monarchy? A democracy? A constitutional republic like the United States? A constitutional monarchy like Great Britain? A despotism with an absolute ruler/ dictator running the show? Tell us so other players have more information when choosing a nation to join.
  • Laws: All players visiting your nation will be expected to follow your nation’s laws. You can even close your borders entirely and bar all outsiders from entering your nation, if you so desire. Send us a list of your laws in a text file over Discord and we’ll add them to your nation’s page on this website!
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